Sunday, April 11, 2010

adventure racing jacket

REI One Jacket, Purity Yoga Wear capri pants
Picked this up at REI today on clearance. I saw only one, and it was an XS. Is that a sign? Yes, yes, I think it is. I read the tag for it and it says "perfect for ADVENTURE RACING on a day when the forecast is as dicey as the footing on the course." that another sign? For Amazing Race....?

The high performance fabric is breathable, flexible, packable, water resistant, wind resistant, and most important... comfortable as heck. I wore it walking around the store because I was hesitant on dropping a benjamin on this thing, but in the end, I took it home. It's a BIT large on the arms, but when I put on a thick wool sweater underneath, it fills out nicely. That way, I'll be ready in case I need to wear extra thermals or sweaters.
I thought about the places I'll be hitting from September to October [Great Wall of China, Tibet, Russia, Romania], and realized that this jacket may be the best purchase yet.

The yoga pants are by Purity. I got them at Marshalls for $15 bucks. They are amazingly comfortable and well fitted.

oh! and i became a member of REI today! The only thing I've ever purchased there is a travel backpack, but now that this trip is going to be the biggest thing in my life thus far, I think its time to sign up.

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