Sunday, April 18, 2010

hot pot

I know I've posted about hot pot a billion times, but it really is the most healthy, delicious, and easy meals to make. Tam and George hosted a very intimate hot pot dinner this weekend, and we happily obliged on being fed. I didn't take any pics once the hot pot of water with tom yum base came out...because we were eating, and sweating, and laughing too much. Tam and George are veteran hot pot eaters. They have netting so you don't loose any eggs and random foods that sit at the bottom of the bowl, they have each dish fresh and ready to go. They have the Bunsen burner with extra cans of fuel to keep the meal going too! Experts, I tell you!

Honestly though, after looking at these pictures, did i just upload the whole pyramid of food? meat: check. seafood: check. veggies: check. dairy: check. pasta: check. sweets: pound cake that never made it to into the pic. Just think Sara Lee.

George's dining table has a black wood surface so the presentation of the dishes were gorgeous! Here are a few of my favorites...

quail eggs

gnocci mushrooms and herbs, tofu and egg noodles

fresh shabu meat, shrimp, and clams

green onions go with everything. we throw them into the broth, in the sauce, wherever we can!


  1. yum-my. these food photos are gorgeous!


  2. omg LOVE hotpot!!!!!!!

    and the alexa chung bag for mulberry is to die for!!!!


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