Monday, April 12, 2010

wingback chairs

The wingback chair is one of my favorite types of chairs for a living room offset or a library. I saw this one on Lonny magazine [which has an AMAZING site], and I instantly started to swoon.

This Massoud wingback is gorgeous as well. I can see this in my library with a dark shady lamp by its side to read! On the other hand, this Wilshire Wingback by Woodson and Rummerfield is just bizarre, but strangely fun. I think I would put that by a matching accent hall table...

I stumbled upon Coco + Kelly via Atlantis Home and immediately fell in love with the blog. I try to restrain from looking at interior designer blogs because I go nuts from lack of my own home to decorate, but sometimes, I just can't help it! Cassandra just has the ability to find the best inspirations to share, and I find myself clicking on one post after another, craving for more.

I browsed through her Rooms of the Week and found about a million great inspirations. This room tour caught my eye the most. The green is absolutely stunning, and I can see it on my balcony or patio or even backyard. I recently picked up 2 amazing wicker chairs from Craigslist and on the lookout for a matching table, so this is right in line with my vision for a perfect outdoor scene.

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