Saturday, April 10, 2010


We ran LA today, literally. I drove up to meet Kat in the law library. We got tons of stuff done, so we rewarded ourselves with a trip to REI on 3rd street! We've been slowly planning our insane trip after the bar, so we registered jointly at REI for graduation/birthday/anytime gifts!!! We ran around the store scanning stuff we need and I took some pics...but then forgot after I found an amazing jacket on clearance. Kat beat me though...she also found an amazing jacket for this trip....but it was on sale for $30!!! SOOOO jealous!!!!

We both want this backpack. It's SO light and compact, and it contorts to our backs perfectly...and it also airs out so your back isn't sweaty in the crazy heat! The blue one is behind the snail color, and its super pretty!

This color reminds me of a snail...but it's an insanely comfortable backpack. I want it in blue!

Amazing shamwow towel and comfy socks are a must.

After REI, we went to Westwood to study at ISO, a really great Japanese fusion cafe. It's a small place with fast Japanese food, wi-fi, and large tables to study. The food isn't great by any means, but it gets you through study periods and the milk tea is fantastic!

milk tea and chicken katsu curry

spicy ramen and crunch roll

getting work done? it's cold in hereeee


  1. Awww, all those backpacks..feels like heaven for me as I'm truely addicted to backpacking :)


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