Monday, April 12, 2010

going nautical with nemo

This outfit is the best description of my closet. Nautical in striped shirts, navy blue pants, and gorgeous buttons, I have about a hundred different variations of these things. Here is one. Lillian always says, "you need to own a yacht with that kind of closet," I may not have a yacht, but I do have a red car named Nemo to complete my outfit! When I told my friend that I was doing a nautical outfit post, he told me to find Nemo. I laughed, but then ... isn't Nemo a great name...for my car?!!

An took these pics for me. We had trouble getting a good angle because I wanted the red to be a large powerful color. It rained today so Nemo is disgustingly dirty and spotty. However, these photos came out better than i expected, even with the mistaken tungsten white balance.

Zara high waisted pants, Zara striped shirt, DSW heels

1 comment:

  1. love the outfit! perfectly nautical. And loving those high waisted pants. they look great on you!


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