Sunday, April 04, 2010

easter dinner

Easter dinner at Michelle's!!! Since we are starting out on our own, we have been starting our own traditions and hosting our own holiday parties. So grown up! Michelle and I have traded off on holiday get togethers, and Michelle wanted to do Easter. She made roast beef with all the fixin's and we all contributed in the best way we know how: wine and dessert!

I promise we had dinner before dessert, but these pics are too fun, so I switched them around. Michelle thinks she looks like a stepford wife, and it is fantastic!! At the last minute, I changed into a babydoll white dress instead of a more fitted one. [i AM going to eat!!]

I'm wearing a Benetton summer white dress that's too big for me

This wonderful little dessert was taught to us in Santa Barbara. It's vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and 18 year old aged balsamic vinegar from Foley Winery. We also had frozen custard from Stricklands, which we have been wanting to try since we got back from Seattle's Old School Frozen Custard. The rocky road was so delicious, I finished off the pint without a pic.

We started with wine and cheese! The wines are mostly cabernet sauvignons. We had a Humboldt Fog and a Brie cheese. The Humboldt Fog is insanely good. Our friend brought some pastries from 85 degrees in Irvine, and when you pair that with the cheese, oooh my goodness it's delicious.

THIS is the roast beef!! There were two actually, and we ate both!!!

yummmy salad

my plate!!!

oooh yea, yummy food!

omg we are sooo full

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  1. Wow everything looks SO yummy!! &you + your friends look like so much fun! good times ;)



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