Friday, November 30, 2007

8 Qualities of Wealthy Women

Harmony: when your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are one. What you think, say, and feel are one. Your thoughts create your destiny. Your actions become your habits, and your habits become your destiny. When in harmony you are in balance

Balance: and you can weigh good and bad decisions. Balance in life and all surroundings. A balance brings a more courageous woman.

Courage: emotion and energy that quiets fears. Fears keep you from acting. So take action and courage will come.

Generosity: this comes easy for women. Many women are too giving. But have to be giving to yourself as well. Generosity is when you are empowered by what you are doing. Does not mean you don’t volunteer, but keep it in proportion to what you give others.

Happiness: Be happy! Happiness comes when truly in balance and harmony throughout entire life.

Cleanliness: Wealth does not dwell in filth. Spend so much money and it looks like filth. Says money and you yourself are dirty too. Clean the clutter. In a clean surrounding, you feel

Beautiful: all goddesses of wealth. The inner beauty of strength that you have will all of the above. Confident in that beauty. A woman that walks in a room and knows your own worth and power, you have

Wisdom: the right choices with yourself, your money, and the ones you choose to love.

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