Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 9th

Yesterday, I turned a quarter century old.
As all our bdays have been, it's going to last forever because we can't all seem to coincide our schedules to celebrate each other on one day. This year, it's just me and my guy on my actual day. Everyone else will be celebrating with me on, well, all the following days!

I've been wanting to eat at this restaurant called Chat Noir since I first drove by it. A jazzy French bistro that I've been dying to dress up for and go on a special night. My bf kept putting it off since summer but few days ago, i emailed him: "Friday. Chat Noir. 8 pm. mark your calendar". Surprisingly, he was totally down for it. Since I didn't mention it was my birthday, I KNOW that he didn't remember. However, he adamantly stresses that he was plannning on taking me there for my birthday. I good-naturedly told him that was a bold faced lie. I know him. Since he didn't know it was Nov 9th, there was no way a rsvp was in line for Chat Noir. And I was right. :::grins::: but to Chat Noir we went...

Here is my critique on the place:
I was really excited about trying the place. I heard that the cuisine is exquisite and the atmosphere is both romantic and cozy. The whole thing about it that attracted me in the beginning is the name of the restaurant (I'm obsessed with France and Paris). Chat Noir is the cutest name and they even had the black kitty sign in front when I drove by the first time.

Upon arrival, I was a little confused. The place I saw was not there anymore. My bf drove in anyway and the valet let me out into a gorgeous square with two restaurants cornering each other. Where was Chat Noir? It just changed its name to be called Savannah! Boo! Where am I? A Georgian plain in the middle of the Bible belt? Needless to say, I was very disappointed about the name change. However, I was assured that everything was still pretty much the same, that only the name changed and a few entrees were added. Hmph, well fine. We'll try it.

Stepping inside, I forgot all about the name change. The red velvets all over the walls, the leather plush booths that held up to 10 people, or just 2 were all reminiscent of Paris. The dining experience was great. We got a table by the fireplace and the hostess even wished happy birthday, albiet the wrong person (she said it to my bf), but still, it was kind of funny.

Our waiter was a guy that was supposedly Italian, although I did not hear an ounce of Italian in him other than calling me "bella". However, he was great, recommended a good Pinot Noir, and dinner was wonderful. We had a delicious Shrimp Dijon appetizer that was to die for..or just need to learn how to make. Entrees were Ahi Steak with coconut rice and asparagus, and Halibut with the same sides.

To finish dinner, we got a sundae dessert with French ... or Belgian choux pastries and mousse, compliments of the restaurant. I also got to blow out a candle after I made a wish. (what was my wish? Wii games! j/k..)

During dinner, I got a voice message from Barbs and Steph, good friends from UCLA. They sang a great happy bday song on the phone of course and I had to let my bf listen to it as well bc it was sooo cute and funny. They were one of many messages left for me that day by wonderful friends.

To answer your question, I say Yes, my darling, wonderful tonight. (that's as sappy as it gets)

To cap off the night our way (i.e. 2 geeks), we had to watch the lastest episodes of Heroes and the Boondocks, and then fell asleep in my cloud heaven of a bed.

Tomorrow: drinking with the law school peeps.
23rd: the big Thanksgiving/bday with the crew
.... all after studying all day of course.

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  1. You definitely got your wish. :)


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