Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Scorpio This Year

Scorpios according to Wikipedia: dependent, loyal, passionate, secretive, powerful, penetrating, intense, determined, compelling, purposeful, keenly perceptive, brave, deep, complex, analytical, inquisitive, sensual, resourceful, ambitious, magnetic, hypnotic, sexual, creative intriguing, profound, supportive, protective, generous, humble, quiet, and encompassing.

This year has been full of unexpected endeavors. I've whirled through dramatic events and down unexpected sidepaths, suffered letdowns to high hopes, & took a bumpy ride in a close relationship. I've made huge shifts in living arrangements and academic choices, traveled to two new continents and gained lessons I never thought I'd get. Financially, it's also been a veritable roller coaster.

More so this year, I feel disheartened that I stepped up to the plate for others, but yet they didn't do so for me. There's been a quiet struggle but issues such as anger, control, doing more than my share, feeling "in service" are slowly fading. I've set limits on being the one who gives too much.

But then, I've always been more of a lone soldier. Through all the stressful challenges I've endured this year, I learned a crucial lesson: action dissolves anxiety.

My mental energy follows by physical energy and it has been on downtime lately. I had to create a change and make things happen instead of waiting for others to come through for me, and I'm thriving on these achievements. Having come this far, I've shed a lot of tears, grown a new skin, and shared it with many new people. Due to what I've learned these past 11 months, I'm ready to put into play what new talents I have and invest in something that will bring a more lasting revenue.

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