Friday, November 23, 2007

Asian Girl with A Bit of Humor

Artwork and Framework by Linda Van.

1. Abstract:
Date me

1.a Introduction.
Hi, my name is Debby Le.

2. Appearance.
I am about 5 feet 2 tall (although I was recently made aware that I might only be 5'1 and a half). I have black hair although it maybe brown from hairdrying, and my eyes are brown.

I weigh approximately 125 lbs, and am optimistic, (refer to figure 2.1.a)

Figure 2.1.

I come from a typical traditional Asian family.

Figure 2.1.b

I do not sing well...but I sing along a lot in the car...and sometimes dance while driving as well.

Figure 2.1.c

2.2. Personality and Stuff.
I am a history nerd with interests in music, culture, foods, traveling and world domination. You can be Pinky, and I'll be Brain...or vice versa. As long as the world is dominated...

I am good at the things I do, and always try to make myself better. I am curious, intelligent, and like ice cream. Especially stratiatella, otherwise known as chocolate chip but tastes better in Italy.

2.3. Things I Do and Don't.
I read all day. I never draw (that is my brother's job, and in this case, Linda's). I kick bags to vent my anger/stress/fustrations.

Also, I always want to kick small dogs...but not puppies.

Figure 2.3.a

3. Hypothesis.
You want me.

4. Experiment.
A leader. Someone confident, intelligent, yet curious. A little cynical, but takes irony with a grain of salt. Likes to be active and constantly try new things, but sets a routine for his life of success as well. Full of wonderful hypocrisies.

4.2. Procedure.

Figure 4.2.a

4.3. Things We Can Do Together.
We can go shooting, or racing, or paintballing, things I haven't done. Or we can just meet up for coffee. Or better yet, coffee ice-cream.

5. Conclusion.
Come find me.

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