Thursday, November 15, 2007

What $1.50 Gets Me

After balancing my books recently, I have close to nothing to my name for the next two months. My fault. I admit it. I don't regret it because it went towards a great cause called OLPC. It's my promise and sacrafice for the holiday season. However, I only had a two week window to donate and it happened to come at a bad time. Oh well, a child in Africa will have a new comp and that thought always brings a little spark of happiness to my insanely not hard life.

I was reading Nancy's blog about her $1.50 splurge. I wish I live in Taiwan right now. Basically, I figure my five dollar white chocolate mochas, creamy lattes, and peppermint somethingamajigs are all set aside for the time being. Since $1.50 in America does NOT get me a bag of sweet potatoes and more, I have to be a little more wise on where that precious dollar fifty goes to.

The winner: Starbucks drip coffee. Why?
- Because I'm here ALL the time.
- A drip is $1.20.
- Refills are $0.25.
- I know the workers (i.e. the drink or even the refills can be free if the manager's not around).
- Coffee hinders hunger so I can last longer while studying.
- Keeps me awake.

Other than that, a dollar fifty, sadly, goes not a long way here in America, the land of opportunity if you have money. Good thing the Christmas Blend is back in season...

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