Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nancy's Blog

This blog is dedicated to Nancy, a fellow Blogger, who is all the way far across the globe but keeps in touch through blogs as well.

Below is Nancy's blog, and it's not so far at all. In fact, it's quite a small world, isn't it?

[Every Saturday or Sunday, I mosey into a Starbucks and blog. It’s like a habit now, which I absolutely love. Besides writing tidbits of my everyday life, I look forward to what others have written about theirs.

Astri’s road trip entries should be published in a Lonely Planet book. Debby’s clips (Otters holding hands) and articles (1 laptop per child) are heartwarming and intriguing. And whenever I read Jenn’s blog, it totally brightens up my day.

What’s funny is that both Jenn and Debby posted an article about a woman on craigslist looking for guy. The article is hilarious, but that’s not the funny part. I received an email from a friend with the same article, but translated in Chinese! That woman has been translated in to Chinese. She’s famous now. A billion people in China – I’m sure some Chinese guy would want to bone her.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to thank you all for blogging. Being away from home, it’s nice to read what’s going on in your lives through your own words.]

This blog was particularly great because it shows that word travels fast, so fast that a billion Chinese men are probably trying to reach that woman right now....and it can mostly be credited to Asian women. Crazy how fast it goes but here is my little tidbit of fast Asian connections:

Like Nance, I mosey to Starbucks here in the OC as well, except that I do it everyday. I have a ritual of checking certain sites before I start my rigorous study schedule: my email, Myspace, Facebook, and of course, Blogger.

Today, I received some GREAT outlines from a 3L in school. For those of you not in law school, this is not so exciting but to us law students, it is THE thing that makes my day. Let me explain.

A few days ago, I went to a Halloween costume ball my parents threw. I was seating at the singles table along with 9 others and we got to talking. One of the girls said she knew a guy at my school and it so happened to be my outline guy. I told her that I did know him through Westlaw. He wasn't my outline guy yet, but I had met him from Westlaw, a program for law students, and we got to talking about my professors' exams (which also happened to be his first year classes and professors as well), and exchanged emails. A saw him once or twice prior to the party but never mentioned anything about it. Suddenly, out of the blue, outlines showed up in my email like Dumbo dropping out of the sky, and they have been my prized possession for this fall semester. Why the sudden help? This is why...

The girl I talked to at the party met him through another girl that knew another girl (not sure of the logistics exactly but it was something like that), and they became fast friends. She talked to him after the party and mentioned me. He confirmed that he did know me, remembered his outline offer, and VOILA! outlines in my mailbox today. And this is how we Asians get all our shit done.

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  1. a dedication! my eyes are starting to get watery~ =)

    you rock! thanks!


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