Sunday, December 13, 2009

i've been working like a dog

It's been a really hard week for me. I have 4 finals this semester, and 3 of them were in this first week. To prep for two insanely hard finals [wills&trusts and then ucc], i sat at chaya manga cafe for 12 hrs straight everyday because they are open late, and i need the noise to propel me to keep going. I cannot stand japanese food right now, nor the lilly allen fuck you very much song.

I took the last 2 days off to regenerate with good food and great friends. We went to boiling crab right after the 3rd final on friday, then dancing on main st huntington beach. Yesterday, I slept in, relaxed for most of the day, and then went to shoot some pool with mariyan and the boys in irvine. It's been a long time since I've played, but it felt good to just kick back with a blue moon and shoot a couple games.

Today, I spent the morning at rooster cafe in costa mesa, and then sent my friend off. I'm sad to see this weekend go, but it's back to the grind for another few days before I can go on winter holiday. Hopefully, this last final will be what I expect, and then I plan on doing some major sleeping/tea sipping/normal book reading/maybe even some scrapbooking this next month. I might even get in some cleaning to prep for the upcoming semester and BAR exam...but i might just put that off until May.

huevos rancheros are yummy at rooster cafe

early riser breakfast sandwiches

a cup of hot delicious coffee is appreciated in the morning

to go back a day, this is the boiling crab extravaganza. we made a mess, and it was awesome. the crawfish seemed to be in season because they were small and succulent. the flavors just exploded in your mouth.

allia actually picked up my camera after she couldn't eat anymore, and attempted to take pictures. as you can see, my hands are disgusting, as are samar's. johnny's in the back, but he did not see the camera. the crawfish must have had his full attention.

samar and ali addicted

i look disgusting after my final with bags under my eyes, but i am so utterly happy that its over for now
it's all about the crawfish at this moment

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