Monday, December 28, 2009

studs and bows

The after holiday sale was been wonderful to my closet. Since I do not have the stress of buying gifts for family nor friends [with the exception of 2 people], I get to shop for myself! Today, I picked up these awesome studded pumps from Zara and a Betsy Johnson number with a little bowtie that's so cute you could squeal.

I have to admit though, that i did not pick out the betsy johnson pair. My friend picked them out and made me get them because they are made by Vero Cuoio. I learned that name today and I now know that he is the maker of many fine Italian shoes including Hugo Boss. Well then, since they are $150 shoes [albiet with almost a 70% discount courtesy of macy's after holiday extravaganza], they BETTER be comfortable.

Now that I have them on at home, I do have to give him credit for picking them out. hum...i still think he just wants to borrow them for photoshoots, but we'll see if I will lend them out!

oh yes, and I forgot to mention that the bottoms are PINK!
That makes them feel even more like Christian Louboutins!

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  1. Gee, you're right--I'm totally squealing! :)


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