Friday, December 25, 2009

the rebel

Last year, my 70 year old dad got a bike. Yes, a motorcycle. He brought it home, and my mum literally had a heart attack, threatened all kinds of stuff, but he held his ground and the bike stayed. It's a Honda Rebel, which isn't a light bike at all. My dad rode bikes in vietnam all the time, but they were mere Vespas.

A year later, he just got his full license to ride, and now my brother is getting into it as well [another heart attack for mum]. Tonight, he taught me the basics of the clutch, switching gears, and braking. Since I don't drive stick, this is gona be harder than I thought. I think I'll stick to the automatic Vespas or Ninjas if were to get one...


  1. Sweet, let me know when you and your bros wanna go riding.



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