Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve 2009

Happy New Year! This is my last post for the 2009 year, and its been a great night. Although its 435 am right now, and I have no idea why i'm still up, I wanted this to be posted in 2009 so i back dated it. We spent NYE at a friend's place, filled with tons of great food and company. What a nice way to end the stressful year!

This is my meal. Lamb, salad, wine, and casseroles. Makes my tummy happy!!

I didn't have a hubby to ring in the new year with a kiss, so i did it early with michelle!

very festive outfits to ring in the new year!

all the girlies!

chocolate covered strawberries with nuts are deliciousssss

this is my absolute favorite pic of the night. Everyone is doing their thing, socializing, having fun...
and rhett is in the background downing a bottle. he says it's root beer, but we think not!

i just love the soft lighting and the easy going friendship in this pic

we can't forget the host of the party! this is Kanin!

love the lighting..

the crowd in Time Square! the countdown begins!

ball dropping!

2010!!!!!!!! can you see the 2010 on the screeen? good timing eh?

welcome to the year of the TIGER!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2010 has begun, and it's going to be MY year!!!! Whatever those resolutions are, keep them and accomplish them! Bar exam, here i come!

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