Wednesday, February 17, 2010

coral and sheer

Last night, my friends and I went to Andrei's in Irvine for our friend's birthday. Since it's been so hot here in SoCal lately, I decided to bring out the coral sheer dress I picked up on sale at H&M awhile back and match it with my Betsy Johnson shoes. The accessories just came in at the last minute and it totally made the look! Pink and silver is so spring-like and fun to wear!!

I love love love these Betsy Johnson shoes. They are so high, but if I'm going to a dinner where I don't have to walk more than 10 minutes, I'll rock it! I started the shoot by myself with a timer, but my brother woke up from his nap and took the rest before he left for school. Thanks Toan!

H&M sheer coral dress, Martin & Osa beige cardigan, H&M silver belt, Betsy Johnson peep-toe heels

Accessories: Forever 21 bracelet, Target silver hair clip, H&M drop pearl earrings

I didn't even need the cardigan, it's so beautiful outside. However, for dinner, its the perfect light thing to wear. The dress is kind of bubbly and so comfortable!

I tend to take my hair in and out of hair ties and clips all day long. When it's tied up too long, I get headaches, so having a cute hair clip that can also act as a brooch is the perfect way to not loose them in your purse!

I thought about wearing different colored belts that contrast a bit more, but this one needs another hole punched into it. It's meant to be a pants belt, but I will have to punch more holes to make it hold at a higher level.

and this is just a throw in. Michelle gave me these beads to celebrate Fat Tuesday!
we wore them for dinner, but the pics don't reflect that very well!


  1. In the immortal words of ZZ Top: "She's got legs! She knows how to use them!"

  2. OMG, what size shoes do u wear again? 5 or 5.5 by chance?!?! Totally diggin' the thin bright belt, makes dress look much more young and flirty!


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