Thursday, February 18, 2010

shabu shabu

Is this not the most enticing meal you've ever seen? !!!

Thin sliced choice beef that cooks in seconds, tons of veggies, tofu, rice with soy sauce, ponzu sauce with 3 hot drops, peanut sauce with 3 hot drops, and hot water. This list of ingredients is for shabu shabu, japanese hot pot. It's one of my favorite meals and a wonderful place just opened with the best service and the most amazing meat. It's called. CA Shabu Shabu and you can read my Yelp review on it here. Shabu shabu is basically a boiling pot of water, and you make your own soup with all the ingredients in front of you. After you cook and eat the meat, you are left with the most amazing soup to warm your tummy!

sigh. i had this twice already in the last 2 weeks...but i want some now that i'm making this post!

1 comment:

  1. That sounds absolutely delicious!

    OK, now I'm hungry....


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