Saturday, February 06, 2010

peru recapped

It's been 3 years already but it feels like just a year ago. Peru is one of my favorite countries to travel to so far so I don't know why I never blogged this trip. I made one post back then, but the pictures weren't ready. Here is the link to the post I made when I got to Cusco. Debby In Peru

It may have been the Vietnam trip right after Peru or the frantic move from ucla to law school when i got back. Anywhoo, here are some of my favorite images of that trip.

oh, and ahem...all the outfits in these pictures were khaki pants, long sleeve shirts, and tank tops from H&M. I love their outdoorsy stuff because I use them for the trip, and then trash em before I go home.

However, there is one pair of pants that EVERY woman travelling should have. Those would be my Bebe pants. I wore them throughout the hikes and walks through Cusco and Machu Picchu, to dinners every night from Huacachina on, and they NEVER lost their shape. They are slimming, comfortable, and are just the BEST pair of black pants you can invest on. I don't have any pics of them since I wore them in my worst hour or when we went out to eat at night.

Note: I'm leaving this post on this date although I should back date it to May 2007. It just brings back tons of great memories.

Rios Amazones from the air. We flew into Iquitos, the only way to get into the Amazon.

me and a millipede

because of global warming

"whatcha gona do with that machete??" - best line ever.

a pocket monkey!

this parrot loves beer...he stole mine :/

They gave me a boa us a boa constrictor.
Although the fear is the same, the different reactions are priceless.

and the anaconda.....

a pic with the anaconda...snake slime is dripping down my shirt..ewwww

amazon group

straight as a cue stick

the best little boy ever. he lives here with his siblings.
he was conscious about his scar, but his personality and smile shone like no other


this wooley monkey was so human like

carmen got humped in the face with this monkey.
kat and i have never laughed so hard in our lives. never.

this is our amazing tour guide Renalto. We got to see this monkey island because of him!

damn monkey stole my hat as soon as this pic was taken!

Huacachina, Ica

sand surfing and dune buggying was the highlight of my trip
put me on a hill and tell me to go down headfirst, i'll be first in line

i won by going the furthest before stopping!

amazing day

just look at that background

Machu Picchu

the sign said do not touch and the guard was watching us take this pic ^_^

the most breathtaking view

my view from the terrace

paragliding in Sacred Valley

the crew that took us up

on Lake Titicaca

Isla de los Uros...this whole island is made of reeds. Everything sinks just a tad because it literally is a floating reed island. So amazing...

this girl sand Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and my heart melted

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  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun. And those pictures of MP are amazing.


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