Thursday, February 04, 2010

empire state of mind

This is my favorite NY shirt, mainly because I scowered through NYC's streets to find the perfect I Love NY shirt for 3 days. The quality is really nice, thick and the well fitted. Although it cost me a little more [$10 for this one instead of 5 for $10], I'm so happy with it. I paired it with my black mini pants, and threw on a white blazer of off set the black.

My two youngest brothers have been frequenting my house a lot and I'm utilizing them to the max! Hey, you gota work to be be fed! They have done a good job with these no? They were both willing to expend 10 minutes of their study time to take direction from me and snap these pics.

I Heart NY tee, no name mini pant, H&M white blazer, DSW shoes

Funny thing, I put this shirt on cause it was at the top of my tshirt drawer. I checked facebook and saw my friend was on her way to NY to appear at the 2nd court of appeal for oral arguments. When I got home from class and turned on the TV, Wheel of Fortune is in NY. It's just a NY day.

My hair got flat during the shoot. bah. I hate flat hair. This is the only decent one.

i duno what happened here. my hair just went off by itself.

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