Friday, February 26, 2010

karolina wydra's hair

My friend Michelle has been harping about my former short hair, and looking at short do's all over the net. However, I still want to keep my long hair and didn't get on the wagon...until tonight. The ZDX Acura commercial was on TV, and Karolina's hair completely struck me. I cut my hair insanely short 3 years ago, but it's grown back to be long past my shoulder blades. If I were to go that short again, I'd want this exact cut! If you want to see the whole commercial, here is the ZDX Exclamation video.


  1. I actually JUST got back from chopping my hair off. Locks of Love is getting 13.5 inches of my hair! :)

  2. oh wow! that's really great to be able to give to Locks of Love. I did that last time as well thinking it was 6 inches, but it was 9 in!! I think I may be able to get it this's getting super long!

  3. i've never wanted short hair, but this cut is pretty darn amazing. thank you so much for sending your favorite spots in paso robles, i really appreciate it!


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