Thursday, February 25, 2010

diane von furstenberg

Please excuse my glee for this post....and this first image. I was playing around with my new lighting and I'm still trying to figure out the softbox positioning. I accidentally took a picture with my trusty polka dot socks, and it looked cool so i kept it!

I found this Diane von Furstenberg luggage doctor bag at Ross for less than half the price!! I have one travel backpack that I use on most of my backpacking travels, and this ridiculously colorful suitcase for my more "luxurious" travels. I don't believe in buying large brand name luggage solely because I destroy them when I travel and I'm deathly afraid of it being stolen at the airport. However, this cute carry on is just too fun to pass up. I randomly walked into Ross after a long day of classes, and could not believe my luck on scoring this awesome luggage piece. It is definitely coming with me to Seattle for spring break!! I can't wait til then, I've already started thinking about what outfits to wear and what to bring!

green, brown, and pink!

the doctor's bag is open, revealing a gorgeous hot pink interior!

I am hoping that this bag is small enough to be a carry on, but at the same time,
I'm hoping it'll carry all the outfits I plan on wearing in the rainy city as well...

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