Sunday, February 14, 2010

on valentine's

It's valentine's day but here I am, enjoying my solitude. Valentine's for me isn't so fun. It's not because I'm single or taken, I just feel that it is an unnecessary day. Valentine's should be every time you feel the need to put just some extra effort for that person you love. Since I have the day to myself before we start Lunar New Year celebrations, I think I'll take la couturier's advice and add a little pink to my wardrobe, put on higher heels than I normally wear during the day, and add a little sparkle to my lashes. I won't be doing an outfit shot for this, since its for me, but be sure it will be fun to wear out!

I have gone through my whole blog reading list, and I am most taken by la couturier's valentine's day post. I am most impressed so here is a snippet below.

[I’m quite ready for this lovely day! Ordering thousand-calorie desserts sprinkled with something pink, dressing up, and wearing bits of pink here and there with a dash of sparkle is excused without a second thought. Of course spending an entire day with a romantic sweetheart is adorable, but is it necessary? Not entirely. In fact, not at all – I would much rather spend it with the girls.

Valentine’s Day is not a reminder of this self-conjured thought of your inability to attract men (or women, whichever sex you choose). It is but a day in the year that so happens to fall on the fourteenth of February, but if we insist on making it significant, then, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the freedom and independence you have as a self-sufficient woman. All you need is you: you alone hold the key to your aspirations, happiness, and successes. No (wo)man is necessary to feel whole or empowered.

Is it depressing to feel alone, or left out, when all other ladies have little bouquets and kisses awaiting them? Perhaps. It all depends entirely on your perspective. I know one too many girls who loathe Valentine’s Day – and all things associated with it – with their entire being. They mope, gorging themselves with food as dig out all self-imagined faults and allow themselves to submit to their insecurities. I suppose I can attempt to empathize, yet those of you who actually know me (!) know that I value my independence above all else. I have never harbored any desire to have a boyfriend for that very reason; being single allows for so much more freedom. Being coquettish is allowed! And that, my loves, is quite entertaining in itself!

Thus, for you single ladies out there, embrace your independence. Take advantage of it; wear red and pull out your freakum dress. Take a bit of time to coif the hair and do the makeup – nothing too extravagant, of course. Think to emphasize your best features, whether it be your hair, your eyes, your lips, your figure. Go out on Valentine’s Day à la the Sex and the City girls pre-marriage, and just enjoy yourself.]

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  1. *blushes*

    aw thank you so much for the feature! i'm quite flattered & honored to be on your blog (:

    thanks for stopping by darling!

    la c.


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