Friday, February 26, 2010


Why does rain in California feel like impending doom?? It's getting colder in California this week, and the rain is supposed to be on its way. The gloomy weather makes we want to stay in bed all day, but alas, I'm behind on all my studies, so out of bed i go.

I took most of the day to spend with my brothers chillin at home, but i finally got ready to go study. I wore this outfit because first and foremost, it's comfortable, and yet I can keep warm inside the freezing cafe I always go to. Converses are a necessity for students who walk to and from campus, but they are also great for just everyday wear. My green Benetton sweater is the perfect under layer because it's fitting, and light enough for the warmer moments. The brown jacket I wear very little, but it's the perfect addition to this kind of weather. It offsets the other colors and adds oomph to the outfit although it's an easy going day.

jack parcel converse shoes, seven jeans, club monaco royal blue tee, benetton green sweater,
TCEC brown jacket, forever 21 jewelry

oh, and the leopard lining is so fun!

I have an affinity towards white things, and I've basically use white bags until they are not white anymore and then I trash them [why i can't have designer bags]. I found this Nine West bag in Ross for $25 and I know I'll get my use out of it!

I have to mention that my brother is getting better and better with the pictures. I keep the camera on over exposure, but it takes so little time for him to snap these that I almost don't feel like I'm bothering him anymore!


  1. great leather jacket, i really like the colors, the cut's also goes well together with the straight-cut jeans you wore!

  2. Wow! what a great jacket and i love how you paired them with sneakers. nice unexpected twist


  3. I am loving the blue and brown combo! Such an unexpected pair, but so lovely!

  4. wow i LOVE that fit top to bottom!


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