Monday, February 01, 2010

tet is coming

Tết Nguyên Đán, commonly known as Tết, is the Vietnamese New Year. It's derived from the Chinese New Year, based on the Lunar calendar. The date here changes according to the Lunar calendar, but this year, it happens to fall on Valentine's Day. Well, that isn't going to hinder MY festivities!!

Today, my friend and I strolled through Phước Lộc Thọ, the Asian Garden Mall in Westminster, and I got all happy that Tet is already on its way. The bánh chưng is already making its rounds at my parent's house, and I know the flowers are to follow. The flower markets are all set up, and this year, some new ones are showing up that are not usually sold there. Since it will be pretty busy and impossible to drive here in the next two weeks, we figure we should scope things out now, buy what we can, and come back next week to pick up the rest of the stuff for the festivities.

do you see red?!?! i want all of these things to decorate my house, but they are so pricey!
I need to bargain this down when it gets closer to Tet.

fruit stands are out selling korean pears, apples, oranges, and bananas

there are no signs for anything. I think these are magnolias?

I'm looking for something like this to decorate my house with, but these were $25! bah

these are cute too, i may have to come back for them

oh my, do i love cherry blossoms. this one is a huge tree, sold ready to pot. i want it!

pink stephanotis? so beautiful..

i love li xi ^_^

I'm trying to convince my friend to be ông địa but he said no.
I will figure something out...i'm determined to have him at my party!

I think these are for bonsai, but I am still unsure. It looks like a graveyard of bones

This store is inside Phuoc Loc Tho. I love the amounts of figurines they have on display...but I am especially amused with the Buddhas being sold next to all the Virgin Marys. Talk about catering to everyone ^_^

We decided to eat here since I haven't in years. It still tastes the same.
er... not quite good, but u keep eating because it's street viet food.

This one had chau, which is fermented tofu, and squid.
The poor can have one chunk of this tofu with 3 bowls of rice. I still love it and eat it when i go home.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love all the red!

    And the food pictures made me very hungry!


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