Sunday, November 28, 2010

l'amour de paris

I am constantly surprised with the amount of love this city contains. Everywhere I turn, a couple is deeply staring into each others' eyes, wrapped in each others' arms, or walking in sync, not caring what the world around them thinks. During my travels, I have seen affection in all different cultures, each having their own way of showing their affection. In Asia, it is much more reserved, but youngsters in recent years begun to show it more in public. They walk hand in hand, or cuddle close, but never kiss in public. In Eastern Europe, it is more public, and I was quite surprised with the amount of affection in Russia particularly. In a country that is so cold [literally], and known for their stone faces, a show of affection is much appreciated when seen. Here in Paris, it is not the same. Everywhere I go, saying a simple "Bonjour!" is more than enough to get a friendly bonjour back, most of the time with a polite smile. Yet, the amount of openess given to strangers is only a fraction of the amount of affection reserved for the people they love. They hug and kiss when they walk. They talk to each other and look into their eyes. They touch, but don't grope. It's a way of life, and it is so beautiful.

I, by nurture, am not affectionate. I just don't show that much affection in public because we are taught to always maintain a quiet dignity. It can seem  be quite harsh at times and comes in handy when I need to be stronger as an elder sister or daughter. By nature, however, especially for the ones i deeply care for, love and affection are devotedly given. I absolutely believe there is an amount that is just right...and the Parisians seem to have it. All of them. I envy it and love it. Ahhhh l'amour de paris...
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