Tuesday, November 16, 2010

santorini, greece

We made it to Santorini!!!!! Thank god we decided to come here instead of Mykonos. Although I would have probably loved Mykonos as well, we always wanted to go to Santorini. However, it's the farthest island from the mainland, so ferries run to it very rarely. However, we found a vessel that runs to most of the islands on a constant and daily basis. For 38 euros, we booked the Blue Star Ferry and set sail to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece...maybe the world. It was raining frequently in Turkey and in Athens, and the forecast was gloomy for all the islands but we went anyways, praying for the best. Gray clouds covered the skies, but it opened up just a tad when we approached Santorini. It only rained at night here, and today was just stunning. The clouds were puffy and stunning as we rented an ATV and drove through the northern part of the island. Tomorrow, we will take the ATV again and head south to the black sand beaches. 
One of the most beautiful places to see the sunset is Oia, in the northern part of Santorini. On the way there, we drove through some neighborhood places and I saw a glimpse of bright pink through a terrace. We stopped in, and found a secluded place to watch the sunset. Since it is off season, many of the restaurants and shops are closed for winter. We parked the ATV and just spent time watching the sunset without interruptions from tourists or even the locals.


California girls in Santorini
whitewashed structures

our RIDE on the island for 5 days
Villa Manos : our home for 5 days
as usual, we try the beer of the country
greek salad with the biggest hunk of feta cheese ever
gyros pita with fries

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