Thursday, November 25, 2010

pizza marzano

BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE A MOI...ENCORE UNE FOIS!!!!!! It's my birthday again!!! Well, in our world at least!!! Kat wanted to celebrate it here in Paris instead of Turkey..although Turkey was pretty darn amazing for my birthday as well! What did we do?? We went to Pizza Marzano in Saint Michel and then went to see Harry Potter!! It use to be Pizza Milano, and had the most amazing tiramisu. Pizza Marzano didn't disappoint either!! I had it for dessert but it has to be the first picture on this post...cause it's the most amazing.
All the decor is still the same! It's hilarious because we were so excited when we saw the restaurant from afar. When we got closer, I saw the "M" and the "ano"...just the middle part is different!
After dinner, we ran to Odeon to make the 955 showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Version Originale!!! We have been watching so much French TV, or well, American TV dubbed in French [Friends, CSI, and the likes]...that when we see the words "VO," we squeal with delight and make a run for it. I loved the may have been the "being in Paris" thing, and the lack of English words, but who cares. I had the best time with my bestie, on my Parisian birthday, and didn't have to stand in line for hours! Big plus!
 We had two pichets of wine!
 Trio d'antipasti with mozzarella burrata, mushrooms with Gorgonzola sauce, and prosciutto with salad.

Kat enjoying her Diavolo pizza! It was spicy!

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