Monday, November 29, 2010


We went to Montmartre for the day. Walked around but it was INSANELY cold. So cold it started to snow...and made a significant layer on the benches and cars we walked by. My toes and fingers felt like falling off, so I stopped to buy a crepe [of course], on the street while Kat shopped. She found this image in the tourist shop by the carousel at the bottom of Sacre Coeurit. It was 15 euros!!! I took this picture so that she could see what she could have gotten.. then she talked herself out of buying it...and then she bought it. *_*

nice layer of snow in montmartre!
We took Kat's grandma Marie here SEVEN years ago!! She came to visit us in Paris, and we showed her around the city. Montmartre has a special place in our hearts because it was a gorgeous day, the flowers were blooming for spring, and the carousel was all lit up. We went back to take winter pictures this time, and it was quite different...because it was extremely COLD! However, the carousel was still lit, and it even turned on for a little girl to get a ride! We took a video when it was still, but when it turned on, and the music played, we had to redo the video to send Grandma Marie...but here it is as well!

and the redo...

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