Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lanvin loves h&m

I had forgotten that Lanvin & H&M collaborated and the debut is this week! Today, I decided to walk rue de Rivoli, and saw the line going into H&M. The Lanvin collection is separated from the rest of the you have to wait in line with an arm band, and when you actually get into the room, you get 5 minutes to pick out 4 items to try on. The total amount of time to shop is 15 minutes. Insane! I walked through once, and left to look at the normal collections. Sadly, the only thing I bought that day was a pair of sleep pants from H&M..but they were really really comfy!! Today, I went back and bought a lot more stuff! I'll try to snap some pics of the outfit once I figure out what to put together. I am definitely wearing some of it to celebrate my birthday night at Pizza Marzano and Harry Potter screening!

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