Sunday, January 10, 2010

happy birthday tay!

The sex and the city girls [me, kat, barbs, tay] all drove down to sand diego this weekend to celebrate tay's bday in the gaslamp district. Since it was a really far drive just for dinner, tay made sure that there was an incentive to get her girls out there: and that would be CEVICHE.

Tabule in the Gaslamp serves 7 kinds of ceviche and I, for one, was super excited. We ordered 2 ceviche trios so that we can try all 6 [minus the MP one] and boy, was it yummy! My favorite was the seabass because the lemon was most prevalent in that ceviche, but all of the dishes were delicious. Lemon and fish together are my friends.

We were a tad bit early so we sat at the bar and had mojitos!

tay, the birthday girl!

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