Friday, January 22, 2010


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I haven't done an outfit post in awhile, mostly because of the rain, and because I'm just too lazy to set up my tripod. For some reason, this is the one time I like other people taking the pictures. I think the disinterest of my brothers coupled with the constant snapping lead to great outfit shots. I'm not as "posey" because while I'm getting ready for it, they are already snapping.

It's been an insanely rainy week in Orange County so I hunted around my house for these 5 year old rainboots. I got them at Target a long time ago for a particularly rainy season when I was at UCLA, but that lasted about a day. They were insanely cheap...i think $15 bucks, so I figured they would be put to good use. I haven't worn them since. This week, they have been a lifesaver. The school parking lot was flooded, everyplace was wet and slippery, and everyone was complaining about wet shoes. Well, these rainboots are getting their use and they look so cute with warm outfits! I love pairing it with tights because they don't bunch, and I get to wear the thick fluffy socks too!

Today was such a fun day, I have to tell you about it. My law school girlfriends met up for lunch at Van's for some delicious banh xeo, then got nuoc mia [sugarcane drink] at Vien Tay, then off to Boiling Crab to celebrate our friend Johnny's bday. After a 5 hour lunch session, the girls stopped by South Coast to look at suits at Benetton. I have quite a few suits from here and they fit to PERFECTION. Everytime I take a friend here, they come out with a new suit for under $200 bucks! I didn't plan on getting anything, but I walked out with a brown pencil skirt and vest to match. I can't wait to put it together with some brown boots and maybe a cigar to match!

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