Monday, January 18, 2010

santa barbara

We went to Santa Barbara for the weekend to wine taste. I've never been there before but I want to go back! The downtown area was so cute and I wanted to walk around, but there wasn't enough time. I'll have to make a trip just for that. For wine tasting, we rented a limo for the day, and spent the night in a gorgeous house with all the amenities. We made food at home, and brought picnic lunches. How smart were we?!

Here are my favorite images of the trip... cheers!

the mandatory limo ceiling shot

michelle was waiting for the limo to arrive, Cava in hand

what i bought at Gainey

in the Gainey tasting room

bah! I'm so angry that I did not frame myself into this pic

love this shot!

buying my first and only bottle of the weekend!
This Estate Grenache was served at the White House dinner party for President Obama!

cute things outside beckmen winery

bisou bisou

yummy dessert


we look like sistas from another motha

mandatory vineyard shot!

oak barrel climbing fail

caprese a la chef michelle...or in french, millefeuille de tomates

ended the night with Catch Phrase and Cranium

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  1. Looks like a pretty fun trip. That big wine barrell shot with you and Michelle is really cool.


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