Sunday, January 31, 2010

posh white like p. diddy

Ooooh, what a way to end the month of January! Yelp Elite hosted an event at Zimzala in Huntington Beach this weekend, and it was an all white party! Everyone came dressed to impress, and we were no exception. My two girls and I showed up all in white dresses, but I had some trouble deciding which dress to wear. I did outfit shots for both to help me decide. I always do a dry run before going out somewhere special, but with the outfit shots, you know how you'll look on camera when you are at the event! I settled on the silk flowy dress over the Alice in Wonderland number, put on some flat gold ballet flats and jetted out the door!

The event was laid back and pretty chill. It was a perfect event to go to on a sunny Sat afternoon. Three Olives hooked us up with unlimited vodka [i got grapefruit juice with mine], and stuffed myself with chicken wings, hummus, and pretzels from Zimzala. The chicken wings were delish although it was the worse thing to feed people dressed in all white. I am so impressed with myself for not getting anything on my dress [i forgot my Tide pen].

Here are the outfit shots and some from the Yelp Elite event with Michelle and Tam.

these are from the professional there: Roo Smith

outfit shots taken by my little bro Tim

equipe silk dress, nine west gold ballet flats, forever 21 owl necklace

owl necklace from forever 21

a few more from the Yelp Elite event at Zimzala...


  1. You all look beautiful and the white is very chic. Your dress looks VERY expensive.


  2. beautiful sunny dress!!!

    ps. come check out my blog... it's mostly fashion but also some photography, humor, and music.


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