Saturday, January 02, 2010

high school girls

I have known these girls for 10 years!! How amazing is that?! We were oh so young and naive, but despite all the different paths of lives we chose, we maintained contact throughout the years! [facebook helped] We have many fond memories over the years: Thai Nakorn food outings, fun trips and adventures, graduations, and now, weddings. Some are graduating, some are married, and some are starting new projects. Here's to start off 10 more years of memories!

Note we are all holding a piece of art. Leanne painted this amazing tree and then she broke it into 36 pieces. Each of her closest friends have a piece. Isn't this the most awesome present? I'd say yes!

we took this outside the cafe, but we weren't ready for the timer to go off!
I still love it though bc my expression is priceless...and pretty snotty

much better!

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