Monday, May 17, 2010

carhartt winery

Carhartt was once of our favorite tasting rooms on this trip. Although the wines were just alright, we had the best time here. It's the smallest tasting room in Los Olivos, literally a small walkway, and out into the back patio area. We went in about 5 times, and then left about 5 times to do other stuff. When we came back the last time, Mike Carhartt good-naturedly gave us the tastings, and also goofed around with us for tons of fun photos. On the way out, we think we saw John Cleese as well! ... but we are not certain. I blackberry googled John Cleese's pic, and it looked a TON like him!

The beginning of a million shots of us and the door

1st tasting

ready for the 8 tastings!

zooolander face

Mike Carhartt's zoolander face cracked me up

I think this is the shot that converted me to a 50mm fixed lens


the above sign made me laugh...and what tien said about it made me laugh harder

I LOVE this pic of Kat and Leanne!

...and I LOVE this pic of me and Tien

taking pics of each other

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  1. How come when you go to wine country people give you props for being a "wine connoisseur". But when I go to a beer garden and bust out my beer bong, I get labeled a drunk party animal? Aren't we both just drinking alcohol?


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