Monday, May 24, 2010

juris doctorates

A slew of my friends graduated this month from law school, me included, and we are now doctors!! Well, juris doctors. *_* Three years have flown by, and I've made some lifelong friends. Since we all attend different schools after our first year, we all had different graduation dates, so we all went to each others to cheer! I've blogged Kat's graduation, and now here is mine. I also included some from Michelle's from the week after.

I am very very lucky to have the most awesome of friends. Whether they drove down from LA, flew in from San Francisco and Seattle, or just woke up and rolled over to the school, they came to celebrate with me, and it was an amazing day.

I was surprised with tons of confetti being popped in my face while I was walking back after the ceremony too! My cousin bought the biggest confetti popper she could find, and had people strategically placed along the runway. When they saw me, they popped it, and confetti went flying in the air for a solid 30 seconds! Two more went off afterwards, creating this awesome cloud of confetti for all the grads to enjoy! Yes, she did get some props from the other families for this little scenario! I'm still awaiting pictures from people, and I'm hoping someone got pictures of the confetti!

one of my fave shots of the day

me and dad

strategically placed to pop confetti!

oh yah, did i mention my dad rocks. love this pic.


i have good looking friends

Michelle's graduation!

check out these shoes!!

We can't go without an outfit shot! I'm wearing a Michael Kors black dress I found at Ross for less than $40! It was a tad big so I had it tailored in, and it now fits like a glove. Michelle is wearing a Calvin Klein dress, found at the same Ross! Her dress is the white version of my pink one that I wore for my own graduation. [i didn't think to take pictures without my robe that day]

michael kors black dress, calvin klein white dress

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  1. Nicely done, Debbie! Riches and luxury await.


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