Friday, May 28, 2010

flower power

My mom has a million of these silk flowy shirts. I use to take them and she would get mad, so I went on a hunt to find my own. I got this one at Forever 21 along with the red skirt. I put them together in the dressing room; it looks like a dress almost...

This Jules Jurgenson watch was a graduation gift from one of my closest friends from law school. We went on a gold watch hunt for him, which was a fail [he ended up getting a super duper insanely nice Raymond Weil instead] but I did develop a huge liking to gold watches that day. Thanks Deedo!
crappy whole outfit shots. still learning the dslr...
forever 21 shirt, forever 21 skirt, cathy jean wedges, jules jurgenson gold watch

On another note, I labeled this post Law School Life, because this is about all I'm allowing myself to do for fun during barbri. I've eliminated most of my facebook time, TV shows, and other waste of timers, but I still want to take my camera out every so often. This weekend is Memorial weekend, and i have a packed schedule ahead! Since barbri is going to pick up a bit faster after Monday, I am attending a college roomie's bachelorette party, a college friend's going away [she's joining the Peace Corps and going to Africa!], and then Sex & the City extravaganza at the Arclight with the gals!!!! ..... [which reminds me, I need an outfit for that night!]


  1. I am keeping my blog too! I am getting rid of facebook and we don't have TV. I am doing the online program so I would feel so isolated without my blog.

    Although I did wake up crazy early so I could watch Glee.

    LOVE the watch!

  2. beautiful outfit! I love the bold colors. they look great on you!

  3. the print + the colors look so stunning on you! love!



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