Saturday, May 08, 2010

sun hats & grads

Sun hats are the saving grace for graduations that take place outdoors!! I rarely wear them outside the pool area, but yesterday, I attended my best friend's law school graduation at UCLA. The day was excruciatingly hot but beautiful. I put on my linen dress and plopped on this hat to endure the 3 hours in the afternoon heat.

banana republic linen dress, h&m sunhat, nine west bag, cathy jean wedges

After the ceremony, Leanne took some photos of my outfit for this post! I added vintage photo effects to it since it had some bokeh effects already in the picture.

I brought my extra hat in case others needed it, and thank god I did. Leanne borrowed by extra sun hat.

waiting for the procession to start!

**Ms. Dixie**

Pics with the grad!! We took about a million pictures with the family, but here are some of the former UCLA girls and Leanne! We had to take one with all the hats too. *_*

gorgeous girls @ the grad party


amazing gifts

leanne took this cool photo

can't forget the cake

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