Sunday, May 16, 2010

mum and dad's email

For my graduation, my friends all got together and we spent the last 3 days speaking in FOB Vietnamese to each other. [just something we do well and it never gets old *_*] Tonight, of all times, I realized that the accent has gone astray and we don't even sound Vietnamese anymore. I get home, and I get this email from my parents, and I died laughing. My brothers also received the same email, which is why this is written in English. They usually write to me in Vietnamese, so I thought it was hilarious as hell and needed to post it. Love my parents.


Mom and Dad are on board of cruise now, heading to Alaska . Do you have any thing wrong ?. you can reach me by email.. You can not call us by phone ! Tram call to Dad office ask Ms. Vilay or Vanny...need something more / or want to send any message to Mom Dad..let you know, then e-mail Dad .
Tram,get some more Soup Pho Ga, Chao Ga, Beef slice, Wonton noodle, Sweet corn...from Freezer, cook for Khoa An Toan , OK...TAKE CARE ALL COOKING WARE...BEWARE FIRE.../ REMINDER: AN, TOAN...when flussing TOILLET: CAREFUL on water fullfill OVER BOWL...turn OFF water underneat TOILLET TANK...imediately.
Bo Me

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