Tuesday, May 04, 2010

conversations with mum

I was doing my regular blog reading, and my friend Nancy posted a conversation with her mum...while I was having THIS conversation with MY mum. I called my mum back to respond to a question....

Mum: what is attorney at law? is it AT law, or OF law?
Me: AT law, Me.
Mum: are you sure?
Me: yes.
Mum: are u eating all the broccoli I brought over?
Me: yes, I'll make some tonight with cheese.
Mum: are you steaming them? no. bring them back. I'll steam them. You'll mess it up.
Me: i know how to steam vegetables.
Mum: you'll make them soggy.
Me: if you steam them, they will be soggy by the time they get to me.
Mum: AT law?
Me: yes, AT law.
..::mum hangs up phone::...

[this is how ALL of our conversations go btw]

1 comment:

  1. LOVE THIS!!!
    LOL why do I feel like I have been there for over a million versions of this same conversation between you two...sigh.


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