Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mi vit = egg noodle soup with roasted duck

This blog is starting to become the culinary adventures of Debby, Michelle, and Tam! After my last final, my friends called me to dinner. They decided to make mi vit for dinner, and I, of course, come with bowls and an appetite!

My mum makes mi vit a lot, and she uses all of the duck to make this heavenly noodle broth.
Michelle did the same and used roasted duck bones for the stock. She also added shitake mushroom and chicken stock with the roasted duck bones.


- egg noodles
bean sprouts
- shitake mushroom
- roast duck
- hanh phi [fried red onion]
- bok choy

noodle bowls with prepping before the broth


they even potstickers made from scratch!

this satay isn't so spicy, but it adds the best flavor!

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