Wednesday, May 05, 2010

cinco de mayo

It's been awhile since I've done an outfit post. I can't seem to find enough hours in a day to do things, and yet I planned for this semester to be the most easy-going. sigh. Tomorrow is my first final, so I'm running out of the house. However, since today was such a beautiful day, and the grass is yellow for some reason [i may have forgotten to turn on the sprinklers], i grabbed a few shots before I took off.

I've worn this linen dress wine tasting, and spilled wine ALL over it. Thanks to the Tide pen, it got everything off as soon as it spilled on. Love you Tide pen. I pull this dress out when days are sunny and bright, but I still need to be comfortable and cozy to study. The Club Monaco tote is one of my favorite totes, if not my fave. It holds everything I need, even my 17 in laptop, so this is the perfect accessory! I even nabbed it on sale last year for $20, so that makes me happy since the bags at CM have been insanely expensive lately.
dress from the Hive boutique, club monaco tote bag, aldo ballet flats

On another note, today is Cinco de Mayo. Next year, I will actually get to celebrate it since I won't be in the middle of finals!!!!! Today also happens to be one of my oldest friend's birthday! 13 years we've known each other, and still going strong! I think since I've started college, I've missed every single one of her birthdays, but we do our own little thing to make up for it later! This year, it happens to fall on the day before my first final, which is impossible for me to drink to her bday. So, after tomorrow, I'm taking one day out of the weekend to celebrate her birthday, our other best friend's graduation [from law school too!], and finish this stupid paper!!!!

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  1. Here's to you Debby! I will have to have one extra margarita in honor or you, my B-day and our friendship.

    Love you and hope your finals go well!

    xoxo ~Leanne


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