Monday, May 10, 2010

shoulder clutch

I've been on the lookout for a cute shoulder clutch for graduation. I was super picky because (1) it needed to be slim to not show under my graduation robe, (2) hold my mobile, lip gloss, and some small munchies, (3) still looks classy. We browsed through Forever, H&M, and even Wet Seal for a cheap useful one, but to no avail. In Zara, I found this one, and it hit the spot. My friend got one too because it was just too perfect!

And the dress? TJ Maxx! I went into get some workout clothes [I do not believe in spending insane amounts of money on something I'm going to sweat profusely in, and wash everyday!] and spotted this dress on the way in. Tried it on, and it was so comfy, pretty, and cheap! Had to get it.

Was i kicking my photographer? hahah nope! he just caught me in motion, falling backwards to be exact!

dress from tj maxx, nine west gold ballet flats, zara shoulder clutch

a close up with my new favorite bracelet

On another note, I am one final and one paper away from graduation. I spent today memorizing remedies, and do not want to finish this!! Took a break for this post, but it's time to get back to work! Final is at 9 am! ciao!

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