Wednesday, March 17, 2010

amore, amicizia, e risa

Everytime I go to Pike Place, I buy jewelry. They have the best antique stuff, the best craftsmen, and artisans. This last time, I came across a vendor called Hammering Girl. Kathy Henning has been hand hammering sterling silver and copper for the last 23 years at Pike Place Market. She engraves the quotes onto the bracelet, and she has a list of ones that are ready to go at the counter. However, she also custom engraves what you want to say as well, and if you can't be there to pick it up, she'll ship it to you!

My favorite is this quote "amore, amicizia, e risa" meaning love, friendship and laughter. I bought one for me...and 2 as gifts. I also got one for Tien...and i absolutely love what it says..."progess, not perfection." *_*

She also mentioned that copper was good for you, but i didn't delve further into that until I got home. Apparently, wearing copper is great for curing arthritis and such. Since I'm on the computer all day long and my wrists and hands just plain hurt at the end of the day, I'm hoping this is going to help me finish law school as well as look great! Read about the health benefits of copper bracelets!

I also picked up this ring at Pike Place. It's pure simplicity drew me in, and I had to get it. I wouldn't mind wearing a ring like this instead of a diamond
on my ring finger either. Although I wear tons of gaudy jewelry, that one that bears my allegiance to my man must be simple and pure...and i think that's why i was drawn to this ring so much. Please excuse the dry hands and paperwork. I'm procrastinating from doing my legal analysis homework as always.


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