Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bainbridge island

We spent the day at Bainbridge Island to eat at Cafe Nola. We have heard so much about this place, so we made the trek. The ferry is so much fun. We drove our car onto it, and then walked around taking pictures on the deck. When we got off, we drove about 1 min...and then parked because the line of cars was insane. It was just faster to walk up the hill to the restaurant...and we needed the exercise anyway!

the gorgeous skyline!

tien, michelle, and me

group shot of the girls

enjoying the view

a group shot with Josh who came to hang with us for the day

My outfit shot...not so good bc of the flash...but oh well. There is a story to these boots. We went to the Nordsrom flagship store [Store #1!!!!] and I asked if they had any grey suede boots. My cousin overheard and said that she saw one on sale at the reduced rack. She pulled them down and we all gasped ...and then asked the salesgirls in sizes 5 1/2, 6, 7, 7 1/2, and 8. Well, as it turns out, they had all but the 5 1/2...so we bought them all. Every single pair fit to perfection, and we can't believe our luck. They were 30% off the $100 price tag, so there was no way we were not going to get them.

forever 21 dress, club monaco grey sweater, grey suede boots, forever 21 orange scarf

Cafe Nola blew ALL of the other restaurants we went to out of the water. The food, the service, the ambiance, and the people were absolutely amazing. If you ever go to Seattle, make the trek to Bainbridge Island and eat here. There are tons of cute boutiques nearby as well...but be sure to eat here!!! We were the most complicated table with a rushed timeline to get back to the ferry so we could make the flight home, but they we not only accommodating, but made sure we were completely cared for during the meal. They held two tables for us, but since the other table was still closing up and lagging, they seated 4 of us first with 4 dishes. Then we realized that 5 tiny Asian girls can totally fit into the snug corner, and Josh got the end seat. We ended up snuggling close to eat all 6 dishes, and gave up the other table to someone else. The restaurant actually kept that table empty for us, just in case we wanted it, and told us that they don't fill to capacity to ensure that the people they seated already get the best service possible. WOW.

This was my favorite dish...paste carbonara. I'm not a pasta person at all. I usually eat a kid size bowl...but my god, this pasta was so good I almost wanted to order another just to take home.

eggs benedict

i forgot what this is...i think foccacia...and something...i ate a lot of it. The fries are delicious.

baked eggs...omg. The polenta just fell apart in your mouth and the outside was crispy.

bread pudding is giant and yummy. I ate the whip cream mostly

look at this cappuccino. wow

Seattle buildings from the water on the way back from Bainbridge Island

last shot at the front of the ferry. what a great trip. thanks for reading!!!


  1. I wasn't hungry until I saw this! Damn, it all looks amazing!!

    What a lucky guy to hang out with such beautiful women. I hope all of you reminded him of that fact. And, if you ever get tired of those boots, they might want to start a new life with me in Atlanta!

  2. you are just too sweet!

    It's so funny. Out of 5 of us girls, 4 of us bought those boots at Nordy's flagship store! The 5th girl would have as well, but she is a size 5 1/2...and they didn't carry it.

    They just went on sale so there may be some left at your Nordstroms! =)


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