Tuesday, March 16, 2010

celebrating tien

I have the best girlfriends. It's vacas like this that make you appreciate them the most and those memories stick with you forever. Tien took the week off to take us around Seattle, and because of it, she will have to work on her actual birthday. Well, we HAD to celebrate it on Friday of course, and after a long day at Pike Place, we found tons of shoes at Nordys and then we went back to the hotel to primp up for the night. Here we are in the hotel bar for the first drink. The bartenders were super nice and we got some great pictures before we took off to dinner at Umi.

the table covered most of our outfits and shoes...should have moved it.

One of the guys at the bar came up with this great idea to isolate Tien from the group.

Also, Jennie got this frilled black dress at Nordys that day, and she looks so hot in it! Michelle always finds the greatest dresses at Forever 21 and she's sporting a grey one with the new Jessica Simpson pumps tonight. Tien is in a classic black dress with her new Jessica Simpson gold pumps. I'm in a random boutique find with tuxedo lapels and fun pockets. It's backless and pretty revealing so i added a black halter to it, and it just looks and feels amazing. Tam can wear anything because she's Hot Damn Tam Pham! She is wearing a Forever 21 ruffly top with a fitted black skirt. *_*

Cody, the host of Umi, the best sushi restaurant I've ever been to.

This is Tam's last shot of the night...at the beginning of the night! hahahah *_*
Me and Tien at dinner enjoying the best sushi I've ever had and some amazing shots.

Last pic before sending Tam home!

Party on at Karma for the rest of the night. I'm not sure why my hair has a blue streak but it's pretty cool!

Earlier in the day....
We went to Nordstrom's flagship store [store #1!!] and browsed around for new shoes. We all managed to walk out with at least 2 pairs of the best shoes each!!! Tien bought these gold pumps that I will have to photograph later and post, the grey suede boots that I wore in the last post, and these amazing FUCHSIA pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Michelle actually found these in black first, and settled on buying them....so Tien asked for them in her size too. Little did we know that when the salesgirl brought out the box, she mistakenly brought out the fuchsia color, not the black one. 5 gasps and a small squeal from me later, she brought them out in 3 other sizes...and we bought them all on sale for $50 a piece. Sigh...it was the best shopping day EVER!!!!!!

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