Monday, March 15, 2010

lunchbox laboratory

We spent the majority of Day 3 at Pike Place because its one of my favorite places to be in Seattle. Since the girls have never been, we roamed the whole place for hours on end...and we had so much fun with all the flowers, the seafood, the people, the gum wall, and of course, the pictures.

However, as always, we must eat first! Tien took us to Lunchbox Laboratory for the most insane 1/2 burger....for breakfast. Tien, Tam, and I shared the 1/2 lb truffle burger with sweet potato fries. Jennie and Michelle had the black bean veggie truffle burger with tater tots. Here is the evidence.

5 pretty girls can put this back, yo...just watch

1/2 lb truffle burger with sweet potato fries, mac n' cheese, tater tots, and a chocolate milkshake

fun decos!

is it scary that we finished it all?

who knew eating would be so exhausting?!

5 months preggers we feel like. i love tam and michelle's sad and exhausted face.

mine is the root beer. sooo gooot

this was absolutely delicious...all 300mL of it

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