Saturday, March 20, 2010

macy's fashion director

I played the Macy's Fashion Director challenge because Atlantis Home featured it on her page, and I got addicted to it. An hour later, I came up with these outfits while I watched Marriage Ref on Hulu. It's actually fun to see what you can do with the certain items they give you. At first, I used simpler things, but by the end, i was throwing all kinds of stuff in, and even transitioning from day to night like this here. I love the versatility of uses and random splashes of color. Play around and submit your fashion directive. You might even win $500 Macy's gift card!

My friend always says "do you have a yacht??? cause you should with your closet!" I have a LOT of striped sailor shirts, jackets with gorgeous navy buttons, and necklines that just cater to that style. This is pretty much what i wear in the summers if i'm not in a dress.

Girls day out! Errands! Shopping!

This was the first one I did. I would wear something just like this, but the directive is a little simple.
I get better as i go!

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