Sunday, March 14, 2010

vivace's n' wigs

This Seattle trip was one of the best trips EVER. Our flight arrived in Seattle at 115 pm, and we hit the ground running. There are no words to describe this trip. Everything went so perfectly well, I kept thinking it was going to end the next day, but it didn't!! This is just day one, starting the minute we got on the plane!

This is our NOM NOM hair! Hanging with girls, you learn tons of beauty secrets!!! Tam taught us her cute nom nom twists, and when she took her hair out after we landed, she had the best curly hair without any curlers!! We tested it out on the plane, and it works!!!!

Vivace' absolute favorite coffee house in Seattle. Everytime I go to Seattle, this is always my first request. The velvet white chocolate is my staple, but i always cake on the whip cream, so the design gets ruined. However, someone in my group always gets the design so here are two! I <3>

Serious Pie. You will have to check out my Yelp page in order to see more food pictures and reviews. We hit 25 places to eat on this trip, and I am so impressed with how much we did. Serious Pie is a pizza joint and we ordered a ton of mini pizzas to split. Also, this is Lindsey. We call her Avatar, and we love her! *_*

At the end of the meal, we were going to get a Triple Coconut Pie at Dahlia's next door [also a Tom Douglas place]. They told us to order the slices and they will deliver to Serious Pie, so we don't have to leave. What service!!! This coconut pie was so amazing, I had dreams of eating it that night. yummmmmm

Then we went across the street to Lola. Lola is also a Tom Douglas place. The beignets were famous, so we ordered that, but we also got squid kebabs and dirty martinis! Here is a group pic with Avatar before she had to take off for a meeting.

Dirty martinis

Tam requested beignets, and she got her wish!! They were fabulous, and we all devoured it!

The vintage store Red Light was sooo much fun. I picked up a really cute document clutch, and then we saw the giant basket of rainbow boas and wigs!!! Here are a few of the best, especially Jennie's! We are convinced that this is how she will look in 40 years. *_*

one of the best get ups. pimp n hoe.

I guess this would be my outfit shot for the day since I didn't get any other ones of my whole outfit. The vintage store was so fun, but i had to sit down from all the excitement.

armani sweaterdress, nine west over the knee flat boots, tights

We had to get in some exercise so that hot pot would be worth it. We found this place through friends and online...and it is definitely worth the experience. It's a giant warehouse of trampolines, a trampoline foam pit, and even have dodgeball tournaments!!! This is me doing a flip into the foam pit!

Hot pot is one of our favorite things to eat. You cook all you want to eat, stuff yourself silly, and get a steam facial in the process.

one is neutral, the other is hotter than hell

Fist pump for a great first day in Seattle!!! We grabbed a nightcap at Parlor Billiards before heading home to crash. Look at those guns!!!!

We drove to the top of Capitol Hill to get this gorgeous view of Seattle. I ran out of the car in the drizzling rain to grab this shot, and then ran back to the warmth.

We aren't done yet! 3 more days to blog about!

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